Thunder Volt Gas Go Kart:

The Thunder Volt Electric Karts have revolution-ized the industry and have been the envy of gas operators since their creation. Now Gas operators can enjoy nearly all the features of the electric operating systems we offer.


The new Thunder Volt Gas Operating system is a collaboration between Amusement Products and Honda Motor Company. In late 2011, Honda ap-proached Amusement products with a gas engine that had the unique ability to use electronic throt-tle control. Similar to our electric motors, the speed of the engine is controlled electronically and the mechanical throttle is gone. This opened the opportunity for us to use the technology we have developed for our electric go karts on a gas engine. Here are a few of the unique features:


1. More precise speed control
2. The ability to change any kart’s speed by re-mote control instantly
3. The system has four operating speeds:
A. Rookie (6-10mph)
B. Family (10-14mph)
C. Race (15-22 mph)
D. Competition (22-max mph)
4. Motor only runs during the ride– Reduced gas usage
5. Reduced maintenance and run time
6. Turbo Boost (20% more speed for 20 seconds)
7. Kart’s Speed is more consistent and matched to other kart’s speed.
8. Kart’s speed programmed by ride controller.
9. Electronic throttle shut off when brake is pressed.
10. Thunder Volt sound messages on the kart to make the ride more exciting and safer.

These amazing features were only available to electric kart operators until now. Because of this unique Honda motor and Amusement Products Innovation Engineers, we have now brought the gas operators nearly up to speed with the electric kart operators. The only thing the gas doesn’t have is reverse so that the riders can back their own karts out.

GO Kart Lift: Portable-Dependable-Affordable
The new Maintenance Lift is a tremendous asset for any shop needing to lift heavy equipment. Each lift is capable of lifting 600 lbs each. The lifts work independently and are electric (120 VAC). Once they hit their maximum height, the shut off automatically. You can stop them before the maximum so you can work at different heights depending on the maintenance you are using. The lifts can be wheeled around (like a hand truck) and they are compact for easy storage. Contact you FEC Parts Mart representative at Amusement Products (two shown). PART NO.—P890A ……$825 (FOR ONE LIFT)



1000 lbs electric Intimidator