Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Spin Zone Bumper is an amazing new attraction that has been successfully added to a wide range of businesses since it was started in 2008. A completely new twist on bumper cars, the Spin Zone is a complete attraction that is amazingly affordable and takes as little as 600 square feet to operate. This battery operated attraction can run up to 16 hours on a single charge and nearly any hard surface (smooth concrete is the best)!

When developing the Spin Zone, the tal-ented crew at Amuse-ment Products looked at the different styles of bumper cars avail-able and wanted to make something new and fresh. First, we wanted to change the ride from a "kiddy attraction" to a family attraction. We needed to get mom and dad off the fence and onto the ride. By adding the "Spin Zone" target to the cars, one rider can hit their friend’s car and put it into an un-controlled spin for a few seconds. This little competition gives dads bragging rights when they "Out Spin" the kids! This "competition" also encourages second and third rides when the kids try to "get even" with dad.

However, if dads don’t try the ride, they will never know how exciting it is. This brought about the addition of the sound and light show. These additions add energy and excitement to the ride so that everyone from teens to grandparents wants to try the ride. It is not uncommon to see mom and dad dancing in line waiting to ride the next Spin Zone ride with the kids!

These amazing features helped the Spin Zone win IAAPA’s prestig-ious "Best New FEC Attraction for 2008". But that is not where the designer experts at Amusement Products stopped with the Spin Zone. We have continued to add to the Spin Zone every year. Here is a few of the additions we have added since then:

1. A fully themed attraction with a digital banner to market the attraction and decorate the walls of the arena
2. Industrial quality hand rail and car barrier
3. Full installation and onsite training services
4. Five music ques for different music formats and a juke box mode for music only
5. A one minute "ATTRACT MODE" where the cars are run by computer while an announcer discusses what is great about the Spin Zone and encourages spectators to buy a ticket
6. A proprietary Birthday song to help you make your cus-tomer’s party special
7. Remote control operation and automatic ride timing.
8. Many small refinements to make maintenance and opera-tions easier

A Buddy Seat where small children (3-7 years old) can ride with mom or dad. The Buddy seat can be put in or removed in seconds return-ing the car to a single rider.



And the innovations just keep coming!

NEW FOR 2013:

1. The new CHAOS MODE where the ride controller takes control of all the cars and makes them move forward, backward, and spin in rapid moves. Your customers will laugh and scream while the have a "roller coaster" like thrill.
2. The Digital DJ that hypes up your Spin Zone ride and an-nounces the automatic features like the CHAOS MODE.
3. The ability to add a wireless "Swipe Card Reader" for com-plete cash control\




4 A solid state motor controller/receiver for decreased main-tenance and ease of trouble shooting
5 Solid foam filled tires for no more tire airing


While we are very proud of having created this amazing attraction, we are more excited about the success the Spin Zone has had for our customers. The Spin Zone has been successful in a wide array of locations including FECs, Bowling centers, child play centers (bounce houses), bo-tanical gardens and even as a stand-alone Mall attraction. Stan Caminsky of Ten Pin Bowling in South Africa has opened four Spin Zones in the last three years! Morton Dahl at Bakken Amusement Park in Denmark (as Morton said "a small park with just a little over 3,000,000 million customers a year) said, "The Spin Zone is one of his most popular attractions. It is Vundubar! (Wonderful)" Davor Franicevich of Laser Tag in Baton Rouge, LA (a long time Laser Tag operator) added the Spin Zone at his new second location and has told us his Spin Zone has more than grossed its cost in the first year. A new indoor FEC opera-tor in Ohio was amazed when his 8 car Spin Zone $15,000 in the first 6 days averaging over 600 rides a day! He said his first Saturday the Spin Zone ran every car every ride from 10 am until 2 am the next morning without needing to recharge any cars!

These are common stories with our Spin Zone customers. Many locations have commented that it is one of their cus-tomer’s favorite rides and one customer told us it is his highest grossing per square foot attraction even surpassing his best video game! The Spin Zone is not just another revenue source for your facility, it is a major draw.

 Indoors or Outside: the Spin Zone is a Hit!